Open Records

Our Purpose

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) considers access to public records of paramount importance. After the HCSO receives a request for public records, our office has three (3) business days to determine whether records are in our custody and whether the records are subject to disclosure under the Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A §50-18-70-75 et al). This includes incident and accident reports.  Only private property accident reports can be mailed, emailed or faxed to the requester.  All others must be picked up in person. Please ensure to bring information (i.e. case number, date of incident) necessary to assist us in locating the report. If your report was written by another agency you must contact them to obtain a copy.

The Georgia Open Records Act does not require the creation of records, reports, summaries, or compilations not already in existence at the time of the request. All records provided are based on the available format.

I agree to pay any copying and/or administrative costs incurred in fulfilling my request to the extent permitted by Georgia law. If the estimated cost to respond is over $25, the HCSO will notify the requestor of the estimated amount within three business days of receiving the request, but is not required to begin retrieving documents until the requestor agrees to pay the estimated cost. If the estimated cost is over $500, the HCSO will not begin retrieving documents until the requestor pays the estimated costs. The HCSO fees cannot exceed 10 cents per page for copies of letter/legal size documents, and actual cost for copies of other- sized documents. The labor rate for search, retrieval, redaction, and production will be the hourly rate of the lowest-paid employee who is qualified to fulfill the request. There will be no charge for the first 15 minutes an employee works on a request.

How to Obtain Open Records

The HCSO will respond to Open Records Act O.C.G.A §50-18-70-75 et al request by:

  • Completing the digital form request on this site
  • Emailing request to
  • Completing the PDF version on this site and emailing or faxing the request to (770) 288-7116
  • Written correspondence or in-person at:
    Henry County Sheriff’s Office
    ATTN: Open Records
    120 Henry Pkwy
    McDonough, GA 30253

Open Records – PDF Version

Click here to complete an Open Records Request PDF Form.

Click here to complete the Fax Form.

Hour of Operations

Open Records Request can be submitted from 8am-4pm, excluding holidays.