Inmate Programs

Our Purpose

Inmate Programs were designed to provide meaningful alternatives for inmates who serve time in the Henry County Jail. It also facilitates one of the Sheriff’s Top Six goals…reducing recidivism which is intended to provide positive rehabilitation through education, training, and treatment that allows for changed behavior and a better quality of life.

Dr. Marilyn Flynn Educational Center – GED, Career Path & Life Skills Program

Sheriff Scandrett, in collaboration with Southern Crescent Technical College, has established the opportunity for incarcerated individuals to obtain their GED. This program develops a candidate’s academic skills to that of the standard high school student. Having this certification upon release can open up career and higher-education opportunities that will assist Sheriff Scandrett in realizing his vision to reduce recidivism in Henry County.

The programs assist the inmates in learning skills while reducing the cost of various services within the jail including building maintenance, laundry services, kitchen services, yard maintenance, etc.

Welding Program

The welding program was born from a partnership with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), Southern Crescent Technical College, and The Atlanta Regional Commission. Utilizing a state-of-the-art mobile welding lab, provided by TCSG, detainees are afforded the ability to change the direction of their life by acquiring a certification in one of the most impactful areas in the repair, maintenance, and construction industries. Sheriff Scandrett engage community partners to interview our graduates to foster gainful employment upon their release.

Morehouse School of Medicine Pathway Forward

A distinctive life skills training initiative for soon-to-be released incarcerated individuals, featuring modules tailored to personal development, job readiness, housing acquisition, transportation solutions, and other essential topics.

Fatherhood 101

A specialized program equipping inmates with essential skills for effective fatherhood.

Furthering Fatherhood

A program dedicated to promoting and enhancing fathering, providing a safe space for men to become more responsible parents.

Virtuous Life Women Academy (VMLA)

Empowering female inmates with a comprehensive program aimed at personal development and skills enhancement.

Building Bridges Through Literature

A literacy program fostering community engagement and connection through the power of reading.

Alcohol Anonymous (Chapter)

Providing support and resources for individuals dealing with alcohol-related issues.

Celebrate Recovery

Focused on assisting individuals in overcoming addition and embracing a path to recovery.

Inmate Workforce Program

HCSO offers a variety of jobs within the jail to be performed by inmates of the facility. Some inmates, whose classification is acceptable, are given the opportunity to participate in this program in return for limited privileges. This is a voluntary program as well as a privilege. Inmate workers are expected to perform their assigned jobs to the best of their ability and not to abuse any responsibility or privileges that arise from their designation as inmate worker. 

Inmate workers are selected carefully following a thorough screening process by Inmate Relations. The programs assist the inmates in learning skills, while reducing the cost of various services within the jail including building and yard maintenance, laundry and kitchen services, etc. Completing sentences at an accelerated rate in this manner helps keep the jail population down, while also allowing participants to return to their productive lives as soon as possible.