inmate COMMISSARY services

Inmate Commissary

Inmates that do not have any disciplinary sanctions are allowed to receive commissary twice a week. Inmate’s must have enough funds in their account to purchase commissary items. Inmates desiring to get commissary items are required to place the order through the kiosks in the housing areas. Inmates are limited to spending $50 per store call. Order cut off is 11:30 a.m. each Monday and Thursday. 

Family members and friends can go online to and order gift packs. If the regularly scheduled commissary days are changed due to holidays, or other extenuating circumstances, inmates will be notified of the change. Commissary related problems are to be addressed to the Kimble’s Commissary staff using an Inmate Request Form. Indigent inmates who have not had funds for more than fourteen (14) days can qualify for a care package. This package will include personal hygiene items, writing, and mailing supplies only. Inmates can request care packages using an Inmate Request Form.