Court Operations

Our Purpose

The Georgia Constitution mandates that all county sheriffs provide security for the courthouses to protect judges, jurors, witnesses, and others who work at or visit our facilities. Henry County Sheriff’s Officers are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the judicial process by ensuring a safe and secure environment in and around the court houses. To meet these responsibilities the Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Court Operations deploys trained sworn Sheriff’s deputies and civilian bailiffs who are assigned to points of entry security screening stations, courtrooms, and security details at the three facilities.

Court Operations provide security and protective services at three locations which comprise the nexus of court services in Henry County Superior Courthouse located at One Courthouse Square, McDonough Ga 30253 has jurisdiction over all felony trials, divorces, equity cases and matters regarding titles to land.

The Judicial Complex located at 44 John Frank Ward Blvd. McDonough Ga 30253, houses the State Court, Juvenile Court, Magistrate Court. State Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor and traffic violations, issue search and arrest warrants, hold preliminary hearings in criminal cases, and try civil matters not reserved exclusively for the Superior Courts. Juvenile Court handles all cases involving juveniles under 18 who are alleged to be delinquent: those who are abused or neglected, or without a parent or guardian: those considered to be children in need of services, guidance or counseling, including truants, runaways and ungovernable juveniles. Magistrate Court issues warrants, hear minor criminal offenses and civil disputes including county ordinance violations, dispossessors, landlord tenant cases, and bad checks. In criminal matters magistrate court hold preliminary hearings; issue search warrants to law enforcement and also warrants for the arrest of a particular person.

Probate Court located at 99 Sims Street McDonough Ga 30253 has jurisdiction over Estates, guardianships and Conservatorships of incapacitated Adults; Temporary Guardianship of Minors; conservatorships of Minors; involuntary commitments; Vital Records; passports; issuance of concealed weapons carry licenses; and issuance of Marriage licenses.

Our Mission

To provide a consistent safe environment for the judicial processes to be conducted; ensuring that the judges, employees and citizens who enter the Henry County courthouses feel free of peril or undue hindrance when conducting business.

Court Operations Team

Ruth Stringer, COLONEL

Court Operations Commander

Courtney Head, CAPTAIN

Assistant Court Operations Commander

Grady Alexander, Lieutenant

Operations Watch Commander