Chaplaincy Services

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Our Purpose

The Chaplaincy Services was created solely and expressly to provide spiritual guidance, scriptural oriented consultation, motivational and emotional support to Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) employees and inmates during triumphant and turbulent times, as needed.

The program shall neither advance nor inhibit religion and shall not foster an excessive entanglement with religion.  No particular faith, belief, sect, denomination, ideals or practices will be sanctioned.

Our Mission

To provide guidance, consultation, emotional and spiritual support to the HCSO employees as well as those in the HCSO custody.

Employee Chaplaincy Services

Employee Chaplaincy Services includes the following programs: 

  • The Conversation affords a platform for confidential conversation for individuals as well as groups to share in various dialogues to advance the wellness of those participating. 
  • The Connection provides families of law enforcement and staff the opportunity to participate in confidential dialogues to promote harmony and wellness of those participating. 

Inmate Chaplaincy Services

Inmate Chaplaincy Services includes the following programs: 

  • The Journey provides inmates with structured religious services and activities while incarcerated. 
  • The Bridge provides families of inmates the ability to communicate with the Chaplain Services to foster a transition plan and remove barriers that will ultimately help reduce recidivism.

Chaplaincy Services Request

Chaplain Services for HCSO Employee

Click here to request chaplaincy services as a HCSO employee.

Chaplain Services for HCSO Employee’s Family

Click here to request chaplain services as a HCSO employee’s family member.

Chaplain Services for Pastoral Visits

Click here to request a pastoral visit for HCSO Inmate.

Apply to Become a HCSO Chaplain

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Chaplain Services Partnership

Click here to join the HCSO Chaplain Partnership.

Chaplain Services Inquiry

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For Additional Assistance

If you have further questions contact the Chaplain by email through the HCSO Chaplain Group.

Meet Our Team

TaMarlion Carter

Chaplain Services Director / Inmate Success Coordinator / Communications Manager