Field and Support Operations

Our Purpose

Field and Support Operations is responsible for providing comprehensive law enforcement and related services to Henry County, through dedicated sworn and civilian professional staff, serving with integrity, impartiality, and community service. We will actively partner with our community to serve, effectively and compassionately, in a diverse and thriving Henry County, holding ourselves to the highest expectations of respect and fairness to all.

Field and Support Operations’ goal is to provide exceptional services to the community by fostering the Sheriff’s “Top 6” priorities for our agency which are to; Reduce Recidivism, Fostering Community Engagement, Creating Multi-Jurisdictional Collaborations, Garner National Certifications, Induce Restorative Justice, and Empower and Engage Employees.

Our Mission

To prevent crime, preserve order, and protect life, property, and the rights of all persons.

Field and Support Operations’ responsibilities are managed within six primary sections:

Our Purpose

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) consists of several units focused upon investigating and reducing criminal gangs and activity, vice crimes, and other issues negatively impacting our county; conducting Fugitive and Intelligence investigations; and serving to dismantle and interrupt criminal narcotics organizations and activities. The unit uses a multi-jurisdictional approach, as our partner cities assign officers to this unit.  Its purpose is to enhance HCSO capabilities to accomplish the mission of making Henry County safer for its citizens.

The Special Investigations Unit serves as a central repository, clearinghouse and coordination point for gang related intelligence and activity. It collaborates with Henry County Board of Education and forwards unit activity to neighborhood watch groups by suggesting improvements of our communities.  Furthermore, we partner with our federal agencies with a focus on decreasing criminal enterprise.

Our Purpose

The Accreditation Unit will provide clear and thorough guidance, which promotes a workplace of excellence by developing, drafting, updating, and/or recommending policies, regulations, and procedures that ensure effective operations and safety for the employees and the community.

Our Mission

To ensure that the HCSO meets all the specific requirements and prescribed standards necessary to obtain national accreditations affirming the agency’s commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and service.

Meet Our Team

Antonio Webb

Accreditation and Compliance Director

Chris Prather

Community Relations Manager

Antonio Catlin, COLONEL

Field and Support Operations Commander

Albert Johnson, CAPTAIN

Uniform and Support Commander

David Cody, MAJOR

Assistant Field and Support Operations Commander

Marc Johnson, CAPTAIN

Training Unit Commander