inmate Medical services

Medical Services

Health and medical services will be provided by medically trained personnel under the authority and direction of a licensed physician. 

An opportunity for medical care (sick call) will be conducted by medical personnel and the licensed physician. Inmates requiring medical care should submit a written request on the medical request form through the Kiosk machine which is located within each Pod/Block. If you have a health problem that needs medical attention, it is your responsibility to complete a “sick call request.” The requests will be evaluated by the medical staff in most cases within the next 24 hours. 

Regular dental and psychological care will be provided through the sick call process unless it is deemed an emergency by the medical staff. 

In case of emergencies, inmates shall notify jail staff, and the staff member will notify medical staff to obtain emergency medical treatment. 

All medications that will be prescribed are approved by the licensed facility physician. Medical personnel will ensure that medications are administered and taken as directed. Medications will be dispensed by medical personnel according to the facility physician’s instructions.

Non-prescription medication may be purchased from the commissary in limited amounts or if an inmate is declared indigent it may be provided by the medical staff upon submit-ting a written request and review by the medical staff.

If family members would like to provide medical information about the inmate, they are requested to do so via the Medical Hotline at (770) 288-6954. This hotline was established to better serve our patients by providing a way for loved ones to provide additional medical information to promote continuity of care. Someone will contact you within 1-2 business days. Please be advised that no information will be disclosed to family members or third parties unless there is a documented Patient Release of Information on file. Patients will have to speak with a member of Medical in order to complete this form by submitting a Health Service Request.