Inmate Telephone services

Telephone Services

Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) provides telephone services for inmates through Securus Technologies.  During intake services, an inmate is issued a personal passcode (phone pin number) for telephone services.  It is the responsibility of each inmate to keep the personal passcode secured at all times.  The HCSO will not be held responsible or liable for lost/stolen/borrowed passcode. 

When an inmate places a phone call, the inmate will enter the personal passcode and site id number given.  The called party is then notified on what type of phone call they are receiving.  The called party have three means to receive the telephone call:

  • A free call (debit phone time – funds transferred from the inmate’s commissary account)
  • An AdvancedConnect call (account established by family or friend in advanced)
  • A collect call (party is responsible for paying the telephone services, using a debit or credit card)

Telephone calls are recorded and by using the telephones services, you are consenting to have your calls monitored. Telephone access for communications with family and friends is a privilege and can be restricted or denied at any time.

AdvanceConnect Setup

Click here to setup the families and friends prepaid AdvanceConnect telephone account or call 1-(800) 844-6591.