inmate Chaplaincy services

Our Purpose

Inmates shall have an opportunity to express religious affiliations and beliefs and attend voluntary worship services conducted within the facility. Inmates are expected to recognize and respect the religious preference of others.

The Chaplaincy Services was created solely and expressly to provide spiritual guidance, to offer scriptural oriented consultation, motivational and emotional support to the Henry County Sheriff’s Office inmates during triumphant and turbulent times, as needed.  

The program shall neither advance nor inhibit religion, and shall not foster an excessive entanglement with religion.  No particular faith, belief, sect, denomination, ideals or practices will be sanctioned.

Chaplaincy Services Programs

Inmate Chaplaincy Services includes the following programs:

  • The Journey provides inmates with structured religious services and activities while incarcerated. 
  • The Bridge provides families of inmates the ability to communicate with the Chaplain Services to foster a transition plan and remove barriers that will ultimately help reduce recidivism.

Death Notification

The Death Notification Form is used to communicate with the inmate a death of a love one. Click here to complete a Death Notification.

How to Request Assistance

Click here to complete the Chaplaincy Services request form through the kiosk provided in each Pod.

Clergy visitations are permitted daily between 1pm and 6pm. To schedule a visitation with a clergy, please visit iWebvisit.