Jail Operations

Our Purpose

The Henry County Jail is a pre-trial detention center that houses detainees in accordance with state law while providing a safe environment for both detainees and employees. We have the capacity to house 900 detainees between two facilities. Our detainee population consists mainly of pretrial and state sentenced detainees. At capacity, the Henry County Jail delivers nearly 2700 meals per day and provides comprehensive medical, mental health, and dental services to detainees.

Our Mission

To operate a safe and secure detention facility that provides care, custody, and control of persons incarcerated while promoting positive community reintegration through education, career training, and treatment to reduce recidivism.

Jail Operations’ responsibilities are managed within three primary sections:

  • Jail Policies and Procedures
  • Jail Courts
  • Vendor Contract Compliance
  • Bonding Company Liaison
  • Jail Training Coordinator
  • Admissions
  • Release
  • Housing
  • Jail Annex
  • Jail Security
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Supplies
  • Uniforms
  • Video Visitation
  • Inmate Classifications
  • Inmate Releases

Meet Our Team

Natasha Powell, MAJOR

Assistant Jail Operations Commander

Kevin Crosby, CAPTAIN

Support Services Commander

Edward Tanner, CAPTAIN

Operations Watch Commander

Janice Love, Captain

Operations Watch Commander

Leontyne Daniel, colonel

Jail Operations Commander