Civil Services

Our Purpose

The purpose of Civil Services is to provide person(s) involved with civil processes to see if the associated civil papers have arrived and been documented at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO). After the papers are documented the information will be available to monitor the disposition. If your case number does not display the associated information, this could mean that the paperwork has not yet been received at the HCSO or it has not yet been entered into the system. Check with the Court where your action was processed to determine if the paperwork has been sent to the HCSO or call the HCSO at (770) 288-7124.

Click here to access the HCSO Civil Serve Database.

The Entry of Service Form

The Entry of Service Form is documentation that is prepared by attorneys and/or citizens to allows the HCSO to serve summons to defendants on behalf of a client or an individual.

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