Executive Command

Our Purpose

The Chief Deputy serves and supports the Sheriff through the general management, leadership, development, oversight, and direction of the four major components which includes administration, jail, field, and court operations.

Our Mission

To build and restore trust between law enforcement and the community while empowering our employees to successfully execute our mission for a safe and thriving Henry County.

The Sheriff’s Office is managed within four primary operations – Administration, Jail, Field, and Court Operations:

Our Purpose

The Communications office facilitates the dissemination of information to the public at large. We are responsible for issuing press releases, answering media inquiries, and assisting in routine news coverage.  Additionally, Communications cover newsletters within the HCSO, maintain social media outlets, and handle requests from all media sources.

Our Mission 

To serve as the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Liaison with various media platforms ensuring that information and communication services are provided with factual messaging.

Meet Our Executive Command Team

Michael Yarbrough, Chief Deputy

Operations Chief Deputy

Shaquille O’Neal

Community Relations Director

Natasha Powell, MAJOR

Assistant Jail Operations Commander

Ruth Stringer, COLONEL

Court Operations Commander

Antonio Catlin, COLONEL

Field and Support Operations Commander

Leontyne Daniel, colonel

Jail Operations Commander

David Cody, MAJOR

Assistant Field and Support Operations Commander