TaMarlion Carter

Chaplain TaMarlion Carter’s pursuit to serve humanity, he is no stranger to responding to meet the needs of others. Chaplain Carter brings more than 20 years of Pastoral experience and currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Grace Baptist Church nested in Henry County. He has a history of fostering conversation between law enforcement and the faith-based community. During his time at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Leavell College, Chaplain Carter gained a greater appreciation for humanity and was encouraged to answer an even higher call. Chaplain Carter led several philanthropic organizations throughout the region serving humanity in the areas of faith-based initiatives, educational partnership, homeless collaborations, as well as addressing food disparities.  Chaplain Carter will remain committed to developing highly effective principle-based programming to include an array of religious services and activities. As well as securing resources and faith-based support to enhance Chaplain Services of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

“A call is a profound impression from God that establishes parameters for your life and can be altered only by a subsequent, superseding impression from God.” – Jeff Iorg